Hello everyone, with spring at our doorsteps it’s a good time to start thinking about another doorstep you could add to your yard, a bird house!

Attracting birds to your space with a birdhouse and fresh clean water can benefit your home and garden in many different ways. Birds love eating both bugs and weeds, saving you the effort of pest control and using harmful chemicals, and weeding out your garden! They also play an important role in the local conservation of native plants, and can help with the pollination of them as well. If you are looking to take a step back in your garden maintenance, birds can give you a hand!

Here at Inglewood Florist we have some delightful antique style bird houses made locally by Clever Crow Curiosities. They are easy to clean out with a small hatch on the side, and adorned with vintage door handles and other small curios will easily catch the eyes of birds (and maybe a jealous neighbor!). Stop by our boutique shop to see the full collection, and happy spring!