Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! Every year at this time, we get questions about the different meanings of flowers, so we thought we would put together a shortlist of some of our most popular offerings and their meanings!

Red Rose – True love, passion, and affection
Find red roses in our Woo arrangement


Pink Rose – Playfulness and joy
Find pink roses in our Amazing Pink arrangement

Amazing Pink 1

White Rose – Grace and charm
Find white roses in our Dainty arrangement

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Red Carnation – Love and good fortune
Find red carnations in our Zesty arrangement


Gerbera Daisy – Joy
Find gerbera daisies in our Amour arrangement

Amour scaled 1

Tulip – True love
Find tulips in our Always arrangement

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Calla Lily – Inner and outer beauty
Find calla lilies in our Rose Gold arrangement

rose gold scaled 1

White Lily – Pure love and devotion
Find white lilies in our Balkan arrangement

Benevolence scaled 1

Chrysanthemum – Honesty
Find chrysanthemums in our Camille arrangement


Of course, the act of giving flowers is already symbolic of love, care, and thoughtfulness, but putting together a bouquet based on your intended meaning can show true attention to detail!