A few years back, a close friend gave birth to her first, a beautiful baby girl named Sophie. What a joyous occasion! We had experienced several momentous occasions together in life, this friend and I, the memories of which were sadly fading with years. The first week at home with baby girl Sophie, was a memory I wished my girlfriend to have triggered for the rest of her life…… so, I sent her a large bunch of one of the most pleasantly fragrant blooms I could think of, Hyancinth!

One of my absolute favorite things about gifting blooms to friends and family, is the incorporation of scent. Have you ever smelt blowing bubbles, and are immediately reliving summer days from childhood? Incorporating scent to floral arrangements has been a tradition in sympathy work for decades, but I have also chosen to dedicate myself to incorporating this element of floral work into the everyday. Whether it is for a a first date, an anniversary, or the birth of a beautiful baby.

Eucalyptus, myrtle, oriental lily, garden rose, hyacinth, freesia, peony, scented stock. . . all of these will activate the senses and wrap itself around the memory.

Beautiful Sophie is turning 3 this year, and I do hope that as the snow melts and hyacinth begins to spring from the earth, my friend will relive in memory the first week her precious daughter was swaddled in her arms. The gift of flowers not only offers beauty and joy to a momentous occasion at the time of its occurring, flowers can also offer the gift of nostalgia to a moment wished never to be forgotten.