Hello everyone! With the warming weather, it looks like spring might actually happen in, well, the springtime! Of course, spring is a very exciting time of the year to be in a flower shop with all the new products and first buds coming through. We’re hoping to share this excitement with all of you by hosting some Spring Floral Workshops!

Our minimum attendance for these 90-minute workshops is 3 people, so if you have 2 friends you’d like to share the fun of floral arranging with, this would make for a great evening out. Alternately, if you are flying solo or are a party of 2 we have a backlog of other interested folks and we can find a time that works for everyone.  At just $50 a head, this is a steal of an opportunity to learn a new skill and walk away with some gorgeous spring flowers!

If you are interested in participating you can email us at inglewoodflorist@gmail.com, or call us directly at (403)202-8555 with the number of interested people in your party, as well as your availability so we can get a date set up. Happy Spring!