There are so many different rumors floating around the internet on how to keep flowers fresh for the longest time, so we thought we would share with you what has been tried, tested and true at Inglewood Florist.

  • Keep flowers in a cool area, out of direct sunlight. Even though they need sunlight to grow, these flowers have been cut and have ceased growing. The sun will actually cause the development of bacteria in the vase, and result in grimy water.  Flowers prefer fresh, cool water after they have been cut.  Therefore….
  • Change water every 2 days! Stagnant water needs to be flushed to keep flowers healthy and drinking.
  • Re-cut the stems when you change the water! Cutting the stems allows water to travel more directly into the blooms, keeping them looking healthy and beautiful. Cut stems on a diagonal, and take about an inch off each time.
  • Remove dying foliage and flowers from your arrangement. Even a couple of dying flowers can breed bacteria that will cause your whole arrangement to droop faster.

If you follow these tips, you should still have 1 or two flowers still going strong after a couple of weeks!  Not to mention, your greenery will continue looking fresh for even longer.  We suggest popping into your florist for a few extra blooms to add to your greenery, and there you have an arrangement lasting up to a month!  If by the time you have reached the end of your arrangement and you find one or two blooms still going strong, we recommend having a small bud vase on hand that can accommodate a smaller number of flowers. These really help to brighten up a space such as your desk, a bedside table, or even the bathroom! Caring for a flower arrangement is a lovely way to slow down, and a creative routine to add to your everyday.